Picture of Chairperson, Bruno HamelChairperson
Bruno Hamel
Term ending: March 1, 2013

Lieutenant-Colonel (retired) Bruno Hamel was appointed Chairperson of the Board effective March 2, 2009.

The new chair has a lengthy and varied experience in military complaint resolution after many years spent as a senior grievance analyst and, later, as Director Special Grievances Enquiries & Investigations within the Director General Canadian Forces Grievance Authority (DGCFGA).

Mr. Hamel enrolled in the CF in 1983 and served mainly with Army field and training units from 1984 to 1997. This included a two-year exchange posting with the French 1st Corps reconnaissance regiment from 1986 to 1988.

From November 1993 to May 1994, he was deployed in Visoko, Bosnia-Herzegovina, as the Adjutant, with his Regiment, 12ième Régiment blindé du Canada. In November 1996, he was seconded until May 1997 to the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to be deployed in Kinshasa, Zaire, as a Military Advisor and Liaison Officer during the country's civil war.

From 1997 to 1999, Mr. Hamel attended the Université du Québec à Hull, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Administration.

He joined the office of the DGCFGA, as a grievance analyst, from 1999 to 2001. In 2001, he completed his Master of Defence Studies at the Kuwaiti/British Mubarak Al-Abdullah Joint Command and Staff College where he was the first CF officer to be posted and to graduate. He returned in 2002 to DGCFGA as a senior analyst. Promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in 2003, he held the position of Director Special Grievances Enquiries & Investigations for the most part until his retirement from the CF in 2009. In this capacity, he was responsible for investigating the most complex, sensitive and difficult grievances at the Final Authority (FA) level. He was also asked twice to fulfil, on an interim basis, the duties of DGCFGA and acted as the FA of the grievance process pursuant to the CDS delegation.

In 2008, Mr. Hamel received the Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff Commendation for informally resolving an unprecedented situation.

Between 2006 and 2007, Mr. Hamel also worked as Director General of Operations in the Office of the Ombudsman for the Department of National Defence and the CF.

Picture of Full-Time Vice-Chairperson, James PriceFull-Time Vice-Chairperson
James Price
Term ending: December 9, 2011

James Price was Acting Chairperson of the Board for a year, starting in March 2008. He continues his duties at the Board as full-time Vice-Chairperson

Mr. Price joined the Board in January 2004 as a team leader in Operations Directorate, and was appointed full-time Vice-Chairperson in December of that same year. He brings to the position extensive experience in all areas of military law, including the military justice system, international law and operational law.

Originally from Twillingate, Newfoundland, Mr. Price joined the University Naval Training Division in 1966 while attending Memorial University. After seven years of active service, he attended Dalhousie University, graduating with a Masters of Public Administration in 1976 and a Bachelor of Laws in 1980, the same year he was called to the Bar of Newfoundland.

He engaged in private legal practice before joining the CF in 1981, as a legal officer in the Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) of the CF.

During his time with JAG, Mr. Price served as Director of Prosecutions and Appeals where, in addition to coordinating prosecutions and appeals in the CF, he guided the section through its transition to an independent prosecution service. He subsequently served as the Deputy Director of the new Independent Military Prosecution Service.

After serving as Assistant JAG (Europe), Mr. Price was appointed a military judge by the Governor in Council in 2001, a position he held until 2003. During this time, he presided over cases involving both service offences and offences under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Picture of Part-Time Vice-Chairperson, Denis BrazeauPart-Time Vice-Chairperson
Denis Brazeau
Term ending: February 8, 2010

Colonel (retired) Denis Brazeau was appointed as a part-time Member of the Board on June 27, 2006, and subsequently as part-time Vice-Chairperson on February 9, 2007.

Mr. Brazeau was enrolled in the Regular Officer Training Plan in 1975, graduating from the Royal Military College in 1980 with a Bachelors degree in history.

During the next 20 years, Mr. Brazeau served with the Royal 22e Régiment (Lahr, Germany and Québec City), the 5e Groupe-Brigade mécanisé du Canada (CFB Valcartier) and in the Land Force Command Headquarters (St-Hubert, Quebec). In 1996, he took command of the Royal 22e Régiment Battle School until his nomination as Chief of Staff and then Deputy Commander of the 5e Groupe de soutien du Secteur du Québec de la Force Terrestre in 1998.

In 2002, Mr. Brazeau served as Chief of Staff of the Secteur du Québec de la Force terrestre. He was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Military Merit by the Governor General in 2004.

Mr. Brazeau's overseas experience also includes service in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2000 and in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2001 and 2002.

Mr. Brazeau attended the United States Army Command and General Staff College (Fort Leavenworth, Kansas), graduating in 1992. He also completed a Master's degree in War Studies from the Royal Military College in 1999.

In 2005, he completed the Advanced Military Science Course and the National Security Studies Course at the CF College in Toronto. That same year, Mr. Brazeau retired from the CF after thirty years of service.

Picture of Part-Time Member, Mike AugerPart-Time Member
Mike Auger
Term ending: September 14, 2009

Lieutenant-Colonel (retired) Mike Auger was appointed as a part-time Member of the Board on September 15, 2006.

Enrolled in the CF in 1970, Mr. Auger graduated from Queen's University in 1973 with an Honours Degree in Geography. Commissioned as an artillery officer, he was posted to the Second Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (RCHA) in Petawawa, Ontario. Following his promotion to Captain in 1976 and security duties at the Montreal Olympics, he was assigned to the First Regiment RCHA in Lahr, West Germany. Subsequent tours saw postings to Gagetown, New Brunswick, in 1979, as well as Fort Sill, Oklahoma (USA) in 1981 and Petawawa in 1983.

Promoted to Major in 1985, he became Battery Commander of 'D' Battery 2RCHA. In 1988, he served with the 1st Canadian Division Headquarters in Kingston, Ontario, and in 1990, returned to the 2RCHA as Deputy Commanding Officer. In 1991, he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel and became head of the Military Occupation Structure Review until 1998 when he became Executive Assistant to the Assistant Deputy Minister of Human Resources - Military. Thereafter, he was section head responsible for military education and training policy in Ottawa until his retirement from the CF in 2005 after nearly thirty-five years of service.

Mr. Auger's military education includes the CF Staff School, the Artillery Staff Duties Course, the Artillery Instructor-in-Gunnery Course and all Officer Professional Development Courses.

Mr. Auger is a sometime mentor to junior officers attending the CF Land Staff College and provides exercise simulation during exercises, including pre-deployment training for the Afghanistan mission.

Picture of Part-Time Member, C. Fred BlairPart-Time Member
C. Fred Blair
Term ending: September 14, 2009

Fred Blair was appointed as a part-time Member of the Board on September 20, 2006.

Mr. Blair is a native of Ottawa. He holds degrees in engineering (Queen's University, 1963) and law (University of Ottawa, 1968).

Mr. Blair was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1970. After practicing law in Ottawa, he enrolled in the office of the Judge Advocate General of the CF in 1972, and served in positions of increasing rank and responsibility until 1999. His service included tours of duty as Senior Legal Adviser for the CF in Europe, and aslegal adviser to the Commander of the NATO Stabilization Force in Bosnia.

After his release from the CF, Mr. Blair continued in law as in-house counsel to a publicly-traded company, and then as part-time outside enforcement counsel to the Investment Dealers Association of Canada.

A resident of Wooler, Ontario, he is active in the community as a member of the Board of Directors of the CFB Trenton Military Family Resource Center, and as a member of the Protective Services Committee for the City of Quinte West, Ontario.

Picture of Part-Time Member, Carina Anne De PellegrinPart-Time Member
Carina Anne De Pellegrin
Term ending: November 19, 2011

Carina Anne De Pellegrin was appointed as a part-time Member of the Board on November 20, 2008.

Ms. De Pellegrin holds degrees in Computer Engineering (Royal Military College, 1990) and in Common Law (University of Ottawa, 1997) and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1999.

A member of the CF for nine years, Ms. De Pellegrin served as an aeronautical engineering officer where she acquired a broad knowledge of the CF's structure and policies. As a contracting officer for the Department of National Defence, she has worked closely with many government departments and Canadian defence contracting companies.

Starting in 1997, Ms. De Pellegrin practiced mainly in the area of intellectual property with an emphasis on patent, copyright and licensing law and litigation. She also gained considerable experience in administrative law in the context of federal government procurement cases. Ms. De Pellegrin also has extensive experience appearing before the Federal Court of Canada and the Canadian International Trade Tribunal, as well as contributing to representations to Parliament on amendments to legislation.

In 2008, Ms. De Pellegrin acted as corporate in-house counsel for an Ottawa company where she advised on many corporate legal matters, including employment law issues and human rights legislation. In her capacity as legal counsel, she advised on the resolution of disputes before the Ontario and Quebec Labour Relations Boards and of human rights complaints before the Canadian and Ontario Human Rights Commissions.

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